Jesus, son of Mary

Jesus and his first miracle, and a brief account about what Muslims believe about him. The true status of Jesus and his message in the Quran, and the relevance of the Bible today in relation to Muslim beliefs. Another miracle of Jesus is described. The real significance of the miracle of the table, spread with food. This article outlines the Muslim belief concerning Jesus and the crucifixion. It also repudiates the notion of a need of ‘a sacrifice’ to pay for the original sin on behalf of mankind. An overview of some of the terms the Quran use for Jesus and his followers from before the advent of Muhammad: the “Bani Israeel”, “Eissa” and the “People of the Book”.

اسم الكتاب: عيسى بن مريم - عليه السلام


تأليف: عائشة ستاسي