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عبد البارئ بن عواض الثبيتي

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Wed, Dec 31 2014

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Purpose of Life


khutba - The Divine Wisdom behind Poverty and Wealth

His Eminence Sheikh Abdul-Bari ibn Awwadh Ath-Thubaiti, may Allah preserve him,delivered the Friday khutbah entitled “The Divine Wisdom behind Poverty and Wealth”,in which he talked about poverty and wealth, stating that Allah has allotted provision tohis servants and has raised some of them in rank above others. Then he explained thatpoverty and wealth are a test from Allah, Exalted be He, to His servants. He alsomentioned several qualities that the poor should have, highlighting the favourable statusof the poor person who shows patience in the sight of Allah, Majesty and Glory be toHim. He concluded the khutbah by referring to the negative effects of poverty on societyand the ways in which poverty can be confronted.