Nakhtm - نختم


The program "Nakhtm" is a program of reciting the Noble Quran in a smart and easy way. It helps you to use your time in good things like earning big rewards as big as mountains, so whenever you want to open your mobile, you will find a verse of the Noble Quran front of you. You can also read its interpretation, and hear it with the voice of your favourite reciter.

Benefits of the program:

1- It makes you read a verse of Quran every time you open your mobile so that you are not one of those who "are not reading the Quran".
2- We all open our mobiles every day more than a hundred times, how many verses you could read in one day?
3- The program will show you at the beginning of each new day, your daily, weekly and monthly readings statistics since you used the program.

Advantages of the program:

1. You can choose from where you want to start.
2 - shows you the statistics of the verses that you read.
3. Choose your favorite reciter from among many reciters.
4 - shows you the next and the previous verse, to increase your readings.
5. "Later" is a feature you can click on if you want to quickly use your mobile and postpone reading to the next time.
6- Shows the Surah name and the verse number.

The reciters: 

1 - "Meshary bin Rashid Al-Aaffasi"
2. "English translate"

To enable "Nakhtm" on your Huawei phone:
Settings ->battery manager->protect apps
enable نختم

oppo phones
phone manager -> privacy permission -> startup manager-> enable نختم
phone manager -> privacy permission -> Floating windows ->enable نختم